Wind Band

Original Compositions

WIGILIA (2019)

An Elegant Sufficiency (2018)                  


One Bright Star (2018)

Jazz Band

Original Charts

El Canto de Byrd (2018) - Written for and dedicated to Winston Byrd

A Thing Like That (2016) - Commissioned by the Boston University Big Band

Original Charts (featuring soloist)

It's All Good (2014)


Fingerprints (2018)*

Black Market (2014)

Take Me to the Moondance at Five (2014) 

Walk Between the Raindrops (2013) 

Marching Band


On Broadway & I Got Rhythm (2018) - Arranged for the JMU Marching 
Royal Dukes 

Firedance Feature (2017) - Arranged for the JMU Marching Royal Dukes                  


Trombone Choir 

Original Compositions

Falls Church Fanfare (2015)

Make the Moment (2014) - Published by Warwick Music


You and I (2018)

Lingus (2015) 

Clarinet Sextet


Portrait of an Angel (2017)

Brass Quintet

Original Compositions

First Time Love (2015) 

Tuba Euphonium Quartet

Original Compositions

"The Natural Lands": A Suite for Tuba Euphonium Quartet - 
Commissioned by and dedicated to Eric Goode

Trombone Quartet

Original Compositions

Still & Always Will: A Jazz Vignette (2016)

French Horn Quartet

Original Compositions

Be Good: A Jazz Vignette (2016)

Saxophone Quartet


"Pastorale" from Eight Concert Etudes (2017)


Trombone with Piano

Original Compositions

"And There Will Be A Story": Sonata for Trombone & Piano (2016) - 
Commissioned by and dedicated to Brittany Lasch ~under revision~


Somewhere Over the Rainbow (2018) - Arranged for and dedicated to 
Toby Oft

Pure Imagination (2018) - Arranged for and dedicated to Toby Oft                          


Original Compositions

Per Uge (2018)
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