You and I


by Stevie Wonder

Arranged by Jacob Collier

Adapted for 13 Trombones by Shawn W. Davern

Shawn W. Davern, 2018

Year: 2016/2018

Duration: 4:30

Difficulty: Advanced 

Original music by Stevie Wonder, released as You and I  
(We Can Conquer the World) on the 1972 album Talking Book


Jacob Collier then released his arrangement on his debut 2016 Album 

In My Room. 

Program Notes

Out of sheer respect and admiration for Jacob Collier, I decided to adapt his arrangement of Stevie Wonder’s 1972 tune You and  for trombones. This is by far one of the hardest arrangements I have ever done but being able to explore the harmonic complexities of Jacob’s arrangement was an amazing experience. Special thanks to June Lee for his amazing transcription, I would have never been able to complete the trombone adaptation without it.
Jacob Collier, 2016


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