by Maurice, Verdine White & Eddie Del Barrio

Arranged for 10 Trombones & Rhythm Section by Shawn W. Davern

Lisa Liz’s Slideshow, 2020
Year: 1978/2020
Duration: 4:10

Difficulty: Advanced 

Original music by Maurice White, Verdine White and Eddie 
Del Barrio of Earth Wind & Fire, released as a single in 1978.
Arranged in 2020 for 10 Trombone & Rhythm Section and premiered 
virtually by Lisa Liz's Slideshow featuring Reggie Pace.

Program Notes

The amazingness of the worldwide acclaimed band Earth Wind & Fire is now finally set for low brass, with an arrangement of Fantasy for ten trombones and rhythm section. This arrangement features two solo trombones with the last trombone part written for optional tuba as well. Rhythm section parts are required and this arrangement would make a great closer for any collegiate or professional trombone choir!
Earth Wind & Fire, 1978
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