A Thing Like That

“The Boston University Big Band Theme”

By Shawn W. Davern

Year: 2016

Duration: 6:30

Difficulty: Medium Advanced

Commissioned for the Boston University Big Band, Aaron Goldberg, 

. World Premiere in October 2016 by the Boston University 

Big Band at the Fall Art's Festival. Conducted by Aaron Goldberg

Program Notes

A Thing Like That was written to be the official theme of the Boston University Big Band. The Intro iteration of the tune inspires to act as an introduction song to BU Big Band concerts and it draws influence from the notable theme song It’s Really Love, or the theme of the Johnny Carson Show. The name of the chart derives from a pseudo catch phrase from one of my favorite television shows, Mad Men. Drawn from the same material as the Intro, the Closer iteration of A Thing Like That was written by request to act as an exciting conclusion for Boston University Big Band Concerts, as well as a means to introduce the many talented members of the band. The “Closer” is a more expansive version, including solis and solo sections to feature each part of the band. This version also features a newly implemented B section. The Closer was premiered live at the Boston University Falls Arts Festival by the Boston University Big Band on October 21st, 2016.
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