From Eight Concert Etudes

By Nikolai Kapustin

Arranged for Saxophone Quartet by Shawn W. Davern
Year: 1984/2017

Duration: 2:40

Difficulty: Advanced

Original work composed in 1984 and recorded by the composer in 2010 

on his album Kapustin plays Kapustin

Program Notes

I have always had a deep and resounding love for the saxophone family, and I was lucky in my musical upbringing to be surrounded by some truly fantastic saxophonists, both in the classical and jazz idiom. For these reasons, I arranged the 6th Piano Etude of Nikolai Kapustin’s 8 Concert Etudes for saxophone quartet. The etude is entitled Pastoral and I thought the airiness and beautiful technical facility of the composition would lay well for four saxophones
Jinju Jeong
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